I teach a mixed style which is based on my experience.  Special emphasis is placed on injury prevention and optimization of the technique towards its use in any dance style. I was a profesional Ballet Dancer but also as a former contemporary dancer, I fully understand the need for a good foundation of Ballet technique. even if that is not the ultimate goal, and try to impress that on my students.

Lauren Settembrino
-Ben Briones has been my ballet teacher for six years, from the ages of twelve to eighteen. His fast-paced classes have always been consistent in both structure and material, making it possible to focus intensely on growth. Ben creates an atmosphere in the classroom that makes it a pleasure to work in. He is invested in the growth of each of his students and it shows in how he treats them in class; there is always a balance between the praising accomplishments and the giving corrections. Ben’s teaching has given me a strong foundation in classical technique which has benefitted me greatly as I pursue contemporary ballet at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to train with a teacher as wonderful as him.-

Samantha Pearson
-I have trained with Ben at Center Stage Dance and Theatre school for six years after being placed in his class at the age of 12. To him, I owe all my confidence in my classical and contemporary ballet technique. From the very first class I took with Ben, it was evident that he not only challenged each of his dancers to set personal goals within their practice, but also encouraged them to meet the level of the most advanced dancer in the room. Ben provides each of his students with specific corrections and individualized attention. The fast-paced, self-motivated and professional nature of Ben's classes provided me with all the tools necessary to take my dance education to the collegiate level at Elon University's Music Theatre Program-

Kyra Bowie
Benjamin Briones has been one of many ballet instructors that I have had in my nineteen years of training, but one I will remember always. Ben has inspired me to face the impossible and break through all of my boundaries. He has taught me that if there is something you want, you can find a way to achieve it. Now, as I pursue my career as an artist at New York University, I still look to the life lessons and support that Ben has given me. Naturally, he has made me a better ballet dancer, but he has truly touched my life in a way that has altered my view of my ability forever. I cannot thank him enough for the immeasurable things he has given to me.


Susan Foligno Gomez
-Hi Ben: I wanted to reach out to you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your beautiful instruction these last few years for Tori. You have provided so much expertise and wonderful guidance, and we are grateful for all your support and belief in Her. 

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